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We are so happy to let you know that we also provide customized Hair Extensions.

As a licensed cosmetologist I provide a variety of services catered to the specific needs of my clients. My mission is helping them achieve a look that feels most natural to enhance and compliment natural beauty. 
 My Tricoci training enables me to bring you the latest innovative keratin  application   methods with the  highest quality 100% real hemy human hair.  

Customized 100%  Hemy Human Hair

Need help choosing the right shade to match your exactly color and texture? Would you like a fuller looking hair? want a longer length this week without waiting years for results? Ombre effect without compromising the healthy of your hair? Then this is a great option for you.

I know how confusing can be trying to place a order on line. For this reason I will come to you for a complimentary consultation to give you the most accurate match based on your needs and preferences. 

The swatches guarantee you will choose your perfect shade.


                                        What are Swatches?

Swatches assist you in color matching your own hair to the Hemy Hair.

Swatches are a small sample of the color of our Hamy Hair, they are meant be used for color matching purposes. They are a small section of hair that can be used to place next to e blend with your own hair.

Hair Care

Hemy air Extensions are 100% Human cuticle Hair so you can treat them just as you treat your own hair. You can straighten them, curl them, use styling products on them just as you would your own hair. The better you take care of your Hair, the longer they will last.


Always squeeze to remove excess water, avoid twist hair.

Brush gently always starting from the bottom of the hair in small sections if wet, and work your way up into tangles are removed.

Learning how to provide the proper care for you extensions will prolong the durability of the application.



Always searching for good quality real Hair for my clients